Principi Base (approccio teorico)

DAO, YIN - YANG: Dynamic conception of the Chinese Medicine (homeostasis of the organism and concept of health).

The Chinese Medicine constitutes an extension of the Taoist philosophical thought to the man inserted in the context earth-sky.
A context energetic impreganting (the sky), impregnated (the earth), which interacting has originated life and the man.
The human being benefits and it is aquainted with the laws that regulate the interchange of these energies and to them it is dominated how much been born by them and through them in degree to operate and to evolve.
These laws concern the human body and its structures, which are represented, considered, seen not in static structural sense, but as architectural formations able to interact with the deriving external strengths from the cosmos and from the earth: gravitational strengths, electromagnetic, caloric, bright, etc.
The anatomy therefore even if note to the doctor Chinese in his composition and differentiation, is observed, studied and analyzed only to the diagnostic goals in dynamic sense as a crossed entity and bearer of fields of energy: in sense, therefore, anatomo-functional second the Taoist vision in which form and action, form and movement represent different aspects of the same considered whole.
Energy which produces and it sustains all the vital trials of our organism, energy that emits from the subject and with it is confused according to an incessant and dizzy oscillatory rhythm.
Energy made of electric positions that they are created and they are destroyed giving origin to composed ionic, to atoms, molecules and to the creation of cells, organic unity of our body: energy that is transformed in matter.
Cellular life also depends it on ionic equilibriums, from electric charges to the continuous search of dynamic equilibriums which involve the greatest structures, the apparatuses, the organs.
The functions of the macroscopic structures of the organism are sustained by " energy " regulated by the physical laws today identified, which unite energy and mass in a whole in which both the forms are confused and they are annulled in such way that becomes more and more difficult to judge the entity and the nature of the analyzed events, so that the diagnostic model today employed in medicine is enriched more and more of probability and impoverished of certainties.
This type of probability, nevertheless, assumes the value of high significance in Chinese Medicine when it is applied in correct way, that is, in the sense of the prevention of the illness and therefore to the beginning of it, in the moment in which the symptoms are able to be interpreted according to the logic of the Chinese Medicine and before they are twisted by the interposition of medicines.
The unbalances of the evolved matter, in medicine the organs, the tangible and important structures of our body, symptoms are signalled through you signal macroscopic (examinations of laboratory, diagnostic for images, radiographies, TAC, magnetic resonance, etc.) .
The events of the organic microcosm, are signalled also: electric events, electromagnetic that are verified and they have assumed one them pathological state (overloaded electric, block of transmission, bypass, etc.) which have involved the subject to his first stadium: The Cell.
These electric events are propagated along the anatomical ways to low resistance and they are transmitted to the cellular agglomerations of the skin, with them interconnected, trigger points of the western medicine, Chinese points of the oriental medicine.
The evoked symptom is, as we will see, a variation of the conductance, which can highly assume a meaningful clinical value in preventive field in how much in degree to signal the unbalance to his first to rise up and very before other clinical symptoms.


For the western medicine health's state it is the result of a tangled net of actions and reactions that involve the cellular function and his reactivity, under form of adaptation to the environmental physical and chemical stimuli which are incessantly submitted: an active industriousness always in the living organism also in perfect health.
The state of health results to be therefore a dynamic concept in continuous transformation fruits of reactions and against reactions biophysicists and biochemical never fixable in absolute terms, in how much you subordinate to a perfect industriousness and functionality of the system.
Every pathological state initially involves the cell and its reactivity as first event to which it follows, if stimulus persists, the inflammation as antechamber of the immunity.
During this phase it is possible that the systems of immunity is not activated because of the weak biochemical deviance of the structure of the membranes of the suffering cells which would be able not to summon them, or that the activation is present but not evident objectively with the actual diagnostic systems in how much still deprive of clinical importance.
According to the Chinese medicine health's state is sustained by the physiological relationship among the value Yang and Yin of the energy of the body and it is the result of a perfect equilibrium of the two opposite and complementary strengths, Yin - Yang inside the Tao (Dao): he is said, that if the Yin - Yangs are in harmony health you/he/she is preserved (On Wen (02) 18" the pathogenic agent flows where the energy of defense is weak"); it derives from there that the state of illness is established every time that the energy vital Zheng Qi it decreases to the point to allow the agent patogeno (Xie) to invade the organism. In such way the entity of the pathological syndrome will mirror the relationship of strengths between the value of the defenses and the virulence of the pathogenic event .

The Chinese Medicine grants to the hereditary genetic patrimony, and therefore to the constitution and the temperament an important meaning in the prognosis of state of health and longevity .
The psychic structure of the subject is equally summoned when the causal factors are analyzed responsible of states pathological, inasmuch the missed control of the emotions it plays a conclusive role in the pathogenesis of the injurious reactive mechanisms for the organism
The psychosomatic one broadly has and scientifically documented interdependence between psyche and soma: the Chinese medical science had already realized it and included in the existing correlations among the two strengths opposite and complementary Yin - Yang: with the whole - Tao yin yang - are explained all the biological activities of the body and the continuous, incessant mutations of this whole it represents the Reality that changes without end inside it
This theory allows there to understand the qualitative aspect of the whole Tao Yin Yang, to know that is "As" it is the energy expressed by the Tao, its "Physiognomy", which can be comparable to a continuous oscillation, incessant that contemporarily it is moved and it is transformed.
Yin - Yang signals an aspect to us, a moment, A Phase of the rhythm that is uninterruptedly followed inside the organism: an oscillation, a vibration, a length of wave, an algorithm that is always moved within two opposite but complementary values.
Within the whole so identified the Chinese medical science it describes the mechanisms responsible of the relationships that intervene among the elements (organs - viscuses) opposite and complementary:

fire (Heart - Small Intestinel)
water (Kidney - bladder)
earth (Spleen - Stomach)
wood (Liver - Gall Bladder)
metal (Lung - Large Intestine)

Which bring back us to the native and spontaneous movement that has given origin to the cosmos and his living forms and that the Chinese define natural " spontaneity "
The description of these mechanisms follows a principle of classification that he/she takes the name of Doctrine of the 5 elements , and her Doctrine of the 5 movements : with them it is possible to know the spatial and temporal aspect of the whole Tao Yin - Yang or rather to know the form, the location and the moment in which the energy expressed by the Tao is manifested and to answer to the inherent questions in the diagnostic investigation: which is the cause of the unbalance?, which energy has suffered the unbalance?, how much is the unbalance serious?, where is it manifested?.
The Yin - Yang is not referable to a permanent state, neither to an objective form: Yin - Yang are transitory demonstrations in operation of unity explicit, reunited in form of couples.
The couple, cold - warm, for instance it is a couple Yin, - Yang in which the aspect Yin - cold, Yang - warm they are two transitory demonstrations which specify states of cellular suffering, tissular, organic, to attribute as pathogenesis to an hormonic and immunitary edavailability of the organism tied to the stress (stasis of Qi, stasis of blood and energy, deficit of Yang, of Yin, of blood, deficit of blood and energy).
For the Chinese Medicine the event of nature thermodynamics in the context of the process of maintenance and evolution of the kind, involves the followings variable, in relationship to the location, evolution, etiologic nature external or internal of the pathological event:

1)External coldExternal emptiness
2)External coldExternal fullness
3)Internal coldInternal emptiness
4)Internal coldInternal fullness
5)External heatExternal emptiness
6)External heatExternal fullness
7)Internal heatInternal emptiness
8)Internal heatInternal fullness

For both the Medicines Westerner and Chinese health's state, of the senescence and of the death is always and however an event of nature THERMODYNAMICS; in the physiopathologyc of the organism we can distinguish three phenomenons with different meaning: to)repairable phenomenons with restitutio ad integrum or rather return to the primitive level of dynamic equilibrium or to other compatible with the life; b) degenerative phenomenons with partial restitutio ad integrum and therefore breakup or lowering of the dynamic equilibrium; c) subvertable phenomenons which don't allow any form of restitutio ad integrum and they introduce therefore irreversible alterations of thehomeostatic relationship homeostatic cells - organism and inclined disorganization of this.
The Medicine Chinese Value The Degree Of the State Of Health through energetic parameters of reference, these parameters are the result of the biological phenomenons expressed by the manifold biochemical functions of the body in its totality, which is manifested With Specific Symptoms.
The Symptoms include normal activity (physiological) or abnormal (pathological) both of the hidden and invisible substratum of the organism, and of the hidden and visible layers: organic tissues, parenchymas, organs, viscuses, etc.
Infinitely small, it corresponds to that part of the mysterious and marvelous body in which the miracles of the formation of the mixtures fundamental chemists are completed for the creation and the support of the cellular life.
The cell is the elementary component of all the tissues and organs of the living beings; it is this dwarfish admirable chemical laboratory that uses the sources of energy deriving from the environment: mechanical energies, electric, magnetic, electromagnetic, thermal, chemical, etc.
From an electric point of view the cell introduces a different polarity in its structure: the surface is rich of ions with positive position (+), the inside part is viceversa rich of ions negative.
The degree of polarization can introduce an excess of positive ions and to become depolarized, or an excess of negative ions and to become hyperpolarized: these states in Chinese medicine are considered, respectively, excess of Yang, empty relative of Yang.
This fluctuation of the polarity is tightly correlated to the variation of the local and general biochemistry of the organism, and it is provoked by unbalances biochemists and electromagnetic that achieve to the psico-physical traumas, to the climatic variations, to the alimentary choices and the behavior of life: the negative ions, the medicines, the physical or chemical stimuli that act on the cell depressing the action of it, practice an action Yin; the positive ions, the medicines, the physical or chemical stimuli that act on the cell exalting the action of it, practice an action Yang on the organism.
Whole cells form the varied tissues and apparatuses and organs of the organism which they introduce a proper electric potential consistent with the variations of the local and general biochemistry and therefore a state Yin or predominant Yang.
Such potential follow the functional or pathological variations of the external layers (skin, muscles, bones, vases, nerves, etc) or deep (organ-viscuses) and they are manifested on particular points of the skin that they take the name of points Chinese or trigger point. Among the triggers point, the apparatuss and the organs, according to the Chinese medicine, a hold functional correlation subsists which behaves interdependent modifications of electromagnetic nature which are manifested with phenomenons of closing or opening of the points to which you/they correspond a diminution and an increase of the surface and, therefore, an increase and a diminution of the conductance and the electro-genesis of the Chinese point.
In synthesis, the Chinese points would be of the points electric comparable assets to the semiconductors and they would have the characteristics followings: unidirectional conductivity; conductivity that increases and it decreases with the increase and the reduction of the temperature and the light; possibility of ionization and ability to utter electrons and photons; ability to determine the direction of the tide, from the pole (-) to the pole (+), previous identification of his polarity.
The exploration of the cutaneous points represents a field of investigation of great clinical interest in both the Medicines.
The Western Medicine has ascertained that the stimulation of the painful points radiates pain on you define areas target (target area), while the digital pressure on these reflected areas doesn't result painful; the targets area and the painful points result to have the same location; radiated pain is not propagated according to the dermatomic maps; the block with anesthetic places of the triggers point reduces the afferent information (the pain) for superior times to the effect of the drug.
The intensity of the pain of the triggers point is very varying and introduces a sequence of values that goes from the light pain with modest increase of the local uneasiness, modest hyperpathia, to the intense pain with violent pain (thalamic).
The Chinese Medicine considers the variations of the sensibility of the trigger point a signal of alarm, the electric expression, that is, of an unbalance of energy that is verified on cutaneous linear zones (meridians): the meridians are happened the one to the other and they wind the body with a continuous plot up to form a closed circuit, center of an invisible circulation of tide in incessant movement.
Every organ has its projection on specific meridians and on elective points of the meridian: the suffering point assumes the meaning of a superficial suffering, muscle - skeletal of the district area checked by the organ or deep organic.
It is known to everybody that the illness of certain organs is accompanied to pains of typical points on specific territories of the body, so much that the doctor is able to perform the diagnosis from the identification of the suffering zone: the analysis for millennia of the suffering cutaneous points, on billion of cases, it has allowed the Chinese Medicine to build a map that not only locates them in anatomical sense, but also physiological and energetic physiopathologic with specific symptoms.
Such map is in degree to explain today both the irradiation of the pain provoked by the stimulation of the triggers point, on areas that don't reenter in the dermatomic organization of the body, and is the prolongation of the analgesic action over the therapeutic thresholds of the analgesic place and to give to both a clinical meaning.
The organs manifest their energetic state along the meridians and on the Chinese points. Research on the physiopathologic state of the cells has shown that the organism consumes 27-28 g of ATP (adenosinetriphosphoric acid) to the minute, under the conditions of rest and in health's state, that in the Chinese points the electric potential vary from 2 to 40 mV and that such potential mirror the functional and pathological modifications of the organs with which they are correlated.
Such electric interdependence among point and organ involves modifications as the increase and the diminution of the surface of the point and similarly increase or decrease of the conductance and the electrogenesis: with such behavior the organism would practice a control on the electric activity of the active point inhibiting or contrarily increasing the exchanges with the environment, for internal reasons (organic dysfunctions), or external (climatic control and thermoregulation).
The measurement of the value of the electric conductance of the Chinese point what mean of search and evaluation of the bioelectric state of the Chinese point, opens a new chapter in the methodic diagnostic and therapeutics in acupuncture.
Such value can be underlined through a special electronic circuit realized by an apparatus " Homeostasis ", to the purpose to opportunely get widened to the goals of the reading, the range of the bioelectric values and the band of the minimum and maximum oscillations of the conductivity of the Chinese point in the varied pathological situations.
The apparatus is provided with a connected " cip " through a door seriale to a personal computer which receives the bioelectric data, it transfers them to the software " MEDODUE " for the diagnostic elaboration and the choice of the therapeutic electric parameters therefore transfers them again to the instrument as frequency, micro - amperage, lasted, polarity, typology of current, for the beginning of the therapy.
On subjects young people and in state of health of both sexes have been made a will the Chinese points so that to assign the value to everybody equal to 50% of the in relief electric resistance. Such value corresponds to the state of health. The inferior oscillations indicate deficit of the energy the oscillations superior increase of the energy.
During our investigation we have been able to ascertain that the values to the than above of the physiological range they were accompanied to is clinically verified, that will define Yang, identifiable in the syndrome of external heat, more and more marked up to involve the function '' organ - viscus" in the state of internal heat; viceversa the values to the of under of the physiological range they assume the meaning of states definable Yin, comparable to the syndrome of external cold, progressively more serious up to involve the function "organ - viscus" in the state of cold internal.
The verify pathological syndromes corresponded with meaningful data to the values of conductance from us assigned to the relative energetic unbalances; for converged we have noticed, during the therapeutic treatment, that the abolition of the unbalance is accompanied to the progressive restoration of the physiological values of the points of acupuncture and the disappearance of the clinical symptoms.
The data so gotten have allowed the listing of a range of values which also assuming a relative value is able to suggest and to direct the search in rapid and tangible way.
Of it we introduce the prospectus that can be used for beginning the reader to the diagnostic Chinese through the decoding of the electric signal of the Chinese point and the values of conductance:

Conductance range and physio - pathology

value munimumvalue maximumModification of the state of energyAnatomic level
0 20 Moderate-High deficiency of internal energyOrgan
21 30 Initial deficiency of internal energyOrgan
31 40 Moderate deficiency of external energyJing-mai meridians
41 47 Initial deficiency of external energyJing-jin meridians
48 52 Bioelectrical index within physiological valuesAll levels
53 65 Initial excess of external energyJing-jin meridians
66 80 Moderate excess of external energyJing-mai meridians
81 90 Initial excess of internal energyOrgan
91 100Moderate High excess of internal energyOrgan

It doesn't escape importance to notice the signals of unbalance of the homeostasis local, local - regional, general to theirs first to rise up: every sensory trouble painful or not painful it is an unbalance of energy that can be appraised according to the staircase of values electric given from the apparatus.
The Chinese medical system is able in such way to not only use some harvest of symptoms clinical millenaries, accredited by the vast existing experience, but also of a datum, a survey which assumes a clinical value tangible of support: in such way the Chinese Medicine can use, as the western medicine, on an examination which as value of reference can be used in the diagnostic one, in the therapy and in the search.
The relationship among the respective scannings of the electric resistance and therefore of the conductance and the pathological syndromes is contained in the software Medodue: a software in degree to develop in brief times the diagnostic search according to the formalities of the classical Chinese medicine and to correlate the in relief Chinese syndromes with specific western illnesses; the software operates in symbiosis with the apparatus Homeostasis of the firm Selca (E.Mal:


The information's union (anamnesis) in Chinese Medicine it is differentiated by that Western for the different key of reading of the symptoms, and of the anamnestic data picked.
The clinical investigation of the patient involves in fact questions which don't have comparison in the classical medicine and that they concern the relationships among the Yin, Yang, blood, energy, liquid, mucosity of the patient and their qualitative and quantitative interlacements that are developed in the organism of the examined subject.
The same important they are the symptoms of the cold or warm, empty or full relative or absolute of an apparatus, of an organ, of a function.
In synthesis of an elaborate software is treated for giving answers of olistic and causal nature of a diagnostic method that requires elevated mnemonic dowries, a non common preparation and a long experience in how much based entirely on the interpretation of the in relief symptoms or acquired by the patient, which is always not able of to give a careful and precise description of them.

RESORT TO THE COMPUTER: the objectives

The computerized systems, are useful:

  • whenever every it is necessary to reach the objective clinician and therapeutic of investigations particularly binding, since they allow expansions of cognitive bases, beyond the usable mnemonic abilities normally;
  • in the maintenance of the connections with a base of knowledge that represent the whole organism;
  • for the speed of call in vision of the picked data;
  • for the possibility to store enormous data banks that they interact according to preset schemes.

    Chinese medical analysis among The Binding Systems is Mostly enumerated for the vastness of the notions, the difficulty interpretative of them, the necessity of the application of schemes of search always to 8 or more unknown; motives that justify the possibility to be vulnerability to the errors.
    The data that serve from diagnostic support derive from heuristic experience, handed down, whose observed data are framed on the identification of the relationships:

  • Of Causal Nature (choice and formality of treatment of the Chinese points);
  • Of Chronological Nature (modification and improvement of the symptoms after the care).

    They are picked up in very schematic symptomatologic formats which contribute to the constitution of groupings of illnesses (macro syndromes) which reflect identical etiopathogenic situations underlined by the application of special schemes of physiopathologic analysis.
    The choice of symptoms mostly contemplated to the function, to the organ or to the investigated topographical site, in the succession of the analysis, it allows to tighten the field of the probable hypotheses and, to select the illness, among those with the greatest number of identified symptoms, what final hypothesis.
    Chinese medical analysis is not limited to verify the diagnostic hypothesis drawing to cognitive levels more and more deepened; the unitary vision of the affection, demands a comparison among bases of knowledge related to the center of the illness and bases of knowledge general.


    The select methodological model for the diagnostic formulation is used some mechanisms of association, of elimination or analogical. Initially the system draws to frames (symptomatologic descriptions of prototypes) and to whole groupings of syndromes (groups of illnesses similar from the point ofetiopathogenic view ). Subsequently, after having identified the most likely grouping (frames), the system passes to sequential analysis more deepened, through the choice of new symptoms, which they conduct to following diagnostic levels and described the specific hypotheses of illness with the location of the organs, regions, meridians, points.
    The selection of the illness is realized following initial criterions of Association and following of Exclusion: such criterion of choice for its ampleness and selectivity is such to be allowed to Always clarify the physiopathologic mechanisms and causal that are at the base of the identified illness.
    It is important to notice however that the choice ending is not nevertheless binding, but left to the decision of the doctor, which the system has furnished all the necessary information for a motivated and responsible choice.
    The analysis of the data and their comparison with the culture medical westerner they allow to prefigure physiopathologic states also individualized by the Chinese medicine.

    RICERCA CLINICA selezione della sindrome assistita

    A - Analisi medica interna, scelta di sintomi specifici con:
    Analisi interna Indaga sullo stato fisiopatologico delle ghiandole endocrine, organi, visceri
    1 Percorso guidato per l'analisi della lingua
    2 Percorso guidato per l'analisi del polso
    3 Presenta i sintomi Yin degli organi interni
    4 Presenta i sintomi Yang degli organi interni

    B - Analisi medica esterna, scelta di sintomi specifici con:
    Analisi esterna Indaga sullo stato fisiopatologico delle strutture anatomiche esterne: apparato cutaneo, sistema nervoso periferico, sistema muscolo-scheletrico, sistema vascolare superficiale
    1 Presenta i sintomi Yin esterni
    2 Presenta i sintomi Yang esterni
    3 Presenta i sintomi Yin - Yang loco-regionali

    C - Analisi medica mirata, scelta di sintomi specifici con:
    Settori specifici 11 raccolte di sintomi su aspetti fisiopatologici facilmente ricorrenti
    1 Analisi di laboratorio
    2 Cefalea
    3 Estetica
    4 Febbre
    5 Insonnia
    6 Malattie della primavera-estate
    7 Malattie dell'autunno-inverno
    8 Misura bio-elettrica dei (punti cinesi)"trigger points"
    9 Sintomi premonitori viscerali (profondi)
    10 Sintomi premonitori somatici (superficiali
    11 Tipologia costituzionale

  • For deepenings you see "Details on the iters" on "User guide"


    In the diagnostic Chinese it is always sought, as first action, the state Yin - general Yang, of the subject in examination, in his manifold facetings: yin, cold, empty, deep, matter, liquid, sleep, tiredness, etc.; yang, warm, full, superficial, energy, solid, vigil, vigor, etc.
    The most meaningful aspect that emerges from the reading of these dates it is that the pathogenesis of every unbalance in action that is not of traumatic nature, summons always the involvement of the whole organism.
    In fact, in the Chinese conception, the illness is established, every whenever the organism overcomes for defect or for excess the limits imposed by the rules of the Dao and goes toward unbalances: alimentary, sexual, emotional, working.
    The site and the typology of the illness depend to a large extent from the constitutional typology of the subject, whose attribution, is tied to the psychic characteristics - physics and behavioral genetically transmitted. They are recognized in the five codes, specific and diversified, denominated: wood, fire, earth, metal, water, and to each they correspond organs, viscuses and specific functions.
    The tight correlation in Chinese Medicine between burden - psyche and vulnerable organ, emphasizes the importance of the survey of the constitution and the temperament of the subject, what fundamental cognitive bases of the Chinese medical analysis. Their acquisition opens spaces of aimed at investigation allowing the doctor a great diagnostic precision.
    In Western Medicine recent studies on the psyco - physical conditioning to the illness, have put in evidence, also beyond the different conceptual formulation, the a lot of existing analogies among the two medicines, in the interpretation of the causal phenomenon, responsible, and in the formality of realization of the pathological state.
    The Selye and Mason's studies, on the relationship between stress and illness, have enacted the responsibility of two reactions. The first "neuroendocrine", which involves the axle hypothalamus - hypophysis - adrenal, of aspecific nature and identical for all the types of stress and for all the individuals. The second "emotional" of specific and different nature, according to the type of suffert emotional trauma, to which would achieve the involvement of a specific organ, according to of the constitutional typology of the subject, on the base of a presumed mechanism of idiocrasia
    The correspondences between psychic stimuli and physical reactions (somatic) and the discovery of biological mediators, true rings of conjunction between psyche and soma, have directed the western medicine toward a construction unitary mind - body, similar to that predicted by the Chinese Medicine.
    The general syndrome of adaptation, what reaction psyco - physics to the stress, show a behavior di-phasic: initial hyperergic, final hypoergic which coincides in key of Chinese reading, respectively, with the reaction of alarm and defense Yang, to the nociceptor stimuli, and with the phase of exhaustion Yin, of the protective mechanisms of defense.
    The numerous coincidences among the two medicines on the vision of the mechanisms summoned what responsible of the psychosomatic illnesses, the evidence of the etiopathogenic calls attributable to both the Medicines what causal moments, have convinced us on the utility that the test on the constitutional typology, can be worth both for the Chinese Medicine and for the Western Medicine.